Reasons You Should Apply

  • You want to be a part of the best
  • You want to eliminate procrastination at it's core and make things happen
  • You want to silence that voice in your head that sabotages your success
  • You want to become the person of your dreams and live the life you deserve to live
  • you want to surround yourself with other people who are on the same journey as yourself

Reasons You Shouldn't Apply

  • You think your life is perfect
  • you can't show up
  • You're content with your present life
  • You're looking for free advice
  • You're not open-minded

Steps to Apply

  • Answer the 5 Questions
  • Show Up
ONLY APPLy IF YOU're committed to becoming a better person and changing your life for the better...


  • If you book a time, I’m saying yes to you and no to everything else. No to my family. No to my friends. No to a workout. No to other applicants. And I’m saying yes to you. So I expect if you book on my calendar, you’ll hold the same respect for me And you’ll show up. 
  • Because if you can’t even show up for this, you won’t show up for anything. Your Family, Friends, business, partners, health, or anything. 
  • schedule a time so you can finally become the Person you want to be. 
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