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We all have a story. How will you tell yours?


For the early part of my life, I battled thoughts that I wasn’t enough or worthy. I felt alone and that there was no one I could turn to. I now know that these same thoughts affect us all at some level.


From the outside perspective, I looked like I had it all. I was a great student, I had lots of friends, I had a supportive family, and I excelled in everything I did. However, underneath I was struggling.

Growing up, it seemed that one thing would happen after another. All I wanted was to be normal; but normal wasn't what I was meant to be.


I let anger, frustration, and depression build within me. Anxiety and fear ruled my life. I was insecure and sought out validation wherever I could find it.


At the end of the day, I felt lost and empty. I couldn’t understand why I had to deal with all of this, but I knew I had to make a change. 


I went on a journey to discover who I really was and who I was meant to be. I began to invest in myself, share my story and take my power back.


I believe that knowledge and community are basic human rights. Due to that, I created Own Your Adversity.

Own Your Adversity is all the things I wished I had when I started my journey of figuring out who I was. It's a community of diverse individuals who are each following their own path. It's a bank of knowledge and incredibly powerful resources. To sum it up, it's a movement that empowers each one of us to become more of ourselves. When we become more of our self, we become happier, more confident, and live an overall better life.


Welcome to Own Your Adversity!


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